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Each year, millions of people worldwide use hypnotherapy and other techniques to overcome their difficulties and live more rewarding lives. You can be one of them. Here are some of the issues I frequently help people with.

Relationships, jealousy, and insecurity

I am often contacted by people who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Some need help with jealousy, insecurity, or overcoming the pain of infidelity. Others might be struggling with commitment or communication, or simply getting over an ex-partner. One thing is certain: unhappy relationships are a huge source of stress in our lives.

Insecurity in relationships (or with siblings, friends, colleagues, etc.) often reflects a toxic combination of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This causes anxiety, and can lead to problems with low self-esteem or further destructive relationships.

People overcome such difficulties by boosting their self-esteem and confidence, learning to stay calm in ‘triggering’ situations, and by recognising unhelpful thinking. Contact me to find out more.

“feel a lot better since the work I’ve done with you, and I think a lot of my friends have noticed the changes as well. I defiantly don’t worry anywhere near as much about what other people think of me. And when I do start to worry I just use the techniques you taught me.

 – Sarah, Care Worker in Manchester

Excessive Blushing or Sweating

I frequently help people who blush or sweat excessively. Both problems are caused by the fight-or-flight response, and are often tied to deeper concerns about ‘fitting in’ or being ‘good enough’. The usual trigger is sudden scrutiny or being the centre of attention.

Excessive blushing and sweating cause great embarrassment. This is especially a problem during work. Meetings, presentations, and even day-to-day interactions become fraught with anxiety. Frustratingly, we can feel ‘fine’ on the inside but still find ourselves blushing or sweating. We then come to fear this response, which makes matters worse.

Blushing can sometimes be ‘switched off’ using hypnotherapy. To achieve this, we need to improve our confidence and learn to ‘no longer care’ about blushing/sweating. By finding a calm confidence within yourself, and you can remove these type of problems.

Motivation and procrastination

It takes effort and persistence to achieve anything worthwhile. Unfortunately, procrastination makes this difficult: challenges mount, we become overwhelmed and often find ourselves giving up entirely. This destructive cycle of delay holds us back from a rewarding life.

Procrastination is not just frustrating, at it’s worst it ruins lives. There is rarely a single cause, and rarely a single solution.

Ultimately, ending procrastination means building better self-control. The ability to focus, plan, start and carry on until every job is done enables us to define our goals and then achieve them. There’s no magical formula, just a sense that you are in control of your own destiny.

“After the first session I immediately felt a change in the way I approached situations, By the end of the course I had gained the motivation and drive I had been lacking and went on to put together a very successful exhibition of my art work in a prominent city centre location, something I had wanted to do for a while but lacked the confidence to do so.

 – Lauren, Student in Manchester

To find out how I can help improve your motivation, use the form on this page to send me a quick message. Alternatively, you can send me a quick email or call/text on 07790 506375.

Picking Habits, e.g. Nail Biting and Trichotillomania

Some people develop entrenched ‘picking’ habits: pulling hair or eyelashes; biting nails, lips, or skin. These habits can get out of control, creating painful and unsightly consequences.

Typically, picking habits start during stressful times. If you frequently feel anxious or struggle for confidence, take a look at the anxiety or confidence pages for more information.

Sometimes, people’s picking habits can persist even when their difficult times have been left behind. In such cases, trichotillomania, nail biting, or lip picking can be removed using hypnotherapy and NLP.

Obsessive Thoughts and OCD-Type Behaviour

Sometimes, our thinking can get out of control, and we become obsessively fixated on unnecessary things. At such times our thoughts become distorted: we make assumptions, think in black and white terms, and create catastrophic situations in our minds. This causes all kinds of difficulty with confidence, anxiety, overeating, smoking, and more.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP, I can help. I do this by teaching you how to cope better with stress and anxiety, boosting your confidence and self-esteem, and then eradicating the compulsive thoughts from within.

“As the sessions went on I felt an immediate change in my approach to life and things around me started to change gradually as well. I feel as if some burdens were removed from my shoulders. Adrian has helped me to understand that a lot of pain that we have can be self inflicted, and it is up to us to put an end to the vicious circles that stop us from being happy.

 – Emma, Translator in Manchester


Most people will experience periods of insomnia in their lives. Usually, these spells end quite quickly and we return a healthy sleep pattern. The human body has an innate drive to sleep, and it often recovers naturally.

However, some people might find themselves suffering from chronic insomnia. This usually encompasses a mixture of bad sleeping habits and overthinking. This can cause anxiety, depression, memory loss and more. Worse still, we come to fear insomnia, leaving us even more anxious and alert.

Good ‘sleep hygiene’ – the collection of habits that promote sleep – is easily implemented. You can be taught this in a session or two. The significant challenge for insomnia suffers involves learning to think less when trying to go to sleep. Hypnotherapy and NLP are excellent tools for quieting the mind and readying yourself for sleep.

Hypnosis for other problems

Using hypnosis and NLP, you can make positive and lasting changes in your life. Contact me now to find out more – click here.

The following list includes some other areas in which hypnosis may be of great use:

Age Regression Allergies
Amnesia Anger Issues
Anorexia Anxiety Disorders
Assertiveness Bedroom Dysfunction
Binge Eating Blushing
Bulimia Compulsive Lying
Concentration Confidence Boost
Creativity Boost Decision Making
Depression Driving Anxiety
Driving Test Anxiety Emotional Upset
Exam Nerves Fear of Death/Dying
Fear of Flying Fear of Swallowing
Forgiveness Goal Achievement
Guilt Hives
Hayfever Hypochondria
High Blood Pressure IBS
Improved Posture Insecurity
Insomnia Irrational Fears
Jealousy Loss
Low Self-esteem Memory Enhancement
Morbid Thoughts Motivation
Nail Biting Negative Thoughts
Negative Self-image Pain Control
Pain Relief Panic Attacks
Personal Development Phobias
Post Traumatic Stress Procrastination
Public Speaking Relationship Problems
Rosacea Self Acceptance
Shy Bladder Syndrome Shyness
Smoking Cessation Snoring
Social Phobia Social Skills
Self Sabotage Sports Performance
Stage Fright Stress Management
Stuttering Time Management
Tinnitus Trichotillomania
Unwanted Habits Warts
Weight Gain Weight Loss

Please note that when working with medical conditions, you must seek assistance from your GP first.

Why work with me?

People choose to work with me because I have an excellent grasp of human behaviour.

Whether it’s insecurity in relationships, blushing, motivation, or insomnia – there is a good chance I can help. I have an expert understanding of people’s difficulties and use techniques that genuinely make a difference.

When working with emotional problems, it’s important to be approachable. I strive to be friendly, down to earth, and ‘normal for a therapist’! I’ve worked with people for many years, and I’m used to putting my clients at ease.

I like to keep the sessions relaxed, interesting and – where possible – enjoyable. I rarely get cancellations; people usually end therapy feeling happy to have got what they came for.

“I didn’t really know what to expect from the sessions, so I was naturally apprehensive at first, but they were very informal and relaxed. Adrian made me feel really at ease and clearly explained everything we were going to do. I actually looked forward to the sessions! Now they are finished, I feel more relaxed and calm about things that are happening to me, including things that are out of my control.

 – Lucie, Designer in Manchester

Since 2005 I have helped many people in Manchester overcome their problems and do more with their lives. What could be more important?

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You can discuss your problem in a safe, non-judgemental place and in total confidence. I’ll ask some simple questions to understand what is going on, how it started, and how it is holding you back.

I’ll then explain the techniques I use and how they help. There is no fee or obligation for this – you’re welcome to have a think about it afterward. It is just your chance to find out how you can move on in life.

All consultations are conducted in my private Manchester city centre office.

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