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Confidence and Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy:

I came to see Adrian as a last-ditch attempt to resolve various underlying issues which had led to serious depression and anxiety over a number of years. I have since recognised that the primary factors were low self esteem and persistent negative thought.

With Adrian’s help I have completely turned this around and the person I was before is almost unrecognisable to me now. Adrian helped me to believe that I have as much value as anybody else in this world and this has truly stuck with me, having a knock on effect on all aspects of my life. I am no longer fearful about what lies around the corner but instead excited about the future.

Adrian was genuinely warm, understanding and supportive in the manner in which he conducted our sessions. He is a true professional, whose grasp of the human mind and how it works is astonishing.

Consequently, I have no doubt that he could assist anyone whose frame of mind is holding them back in life, no matter what the issue.

Andrea, Property Developer in Cheshire – Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


Before I met Adrian, I felt lost, exhausted and completely defeated, I had been struggling for a number of years with personal problems which made me physically ill as well as deeply depressed. At the time that I decided to go to therapy I had tried numerous methods to get myself out of that rut, none of which worked. I saw hypnotherapy as a last resort.

Working with Adrian was easy, his calming manner put me at ease very quickly, I felt reassured that my problems were real and a load was taken off just by being told my situation could be completely turned around for the better. After every session I could feel the benefits of our discussions and the hypnotherapy, the fact that I could see virtually an instant improvement made me feel positive that I had made the right decision to seek help.

Since working with Adrian my entire out look on life has changed, I’m more confident and outgoing. I feel that I can finally leave the past and my problems behind me and look to the future with great excitement rather than thinking everyday will be full of dread. I feel that I’ve got ‘myself’ back after so long and it’s wonderful!

Gemma, Teacher in Manchester – Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


I first went to see Adrian due to a number of feelings, anxiety, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, self doubt, fear and to top it all off not sleeping!

Being an actress these harmful thoughts and actions where really bringing me down and making my life not a happy one. I decided to look around for someone I felt could help me, after looking at many avenues I decided to give Adrian and quick e-mail.

Soon enough I was sitting in a very comfy chair, in a very relaxed environment talking very easily to man that by the end of my first session I KNEW could help me .. Adrian. Each session brought something new, and each session I would go away seeing just a little bit more of that light at the end of tunnel.

I spent more than a few sessions with Adrian, and never once did i feel uneasy or uncomfortable. I enjoyed them all immensely. Now that I have finished my time with Adrian, I feel 110% positive about my life and my future. I am happy and positive, and I sleep! Now, I actually struggle to remember how I used to think and feel before Adrian, this for me is honestly wonderful!

I have been much more positive and am looking forward to going out there and grabbing every chance and getting more and more positive. I find that I’m not so effected by other people and have managed to not take things on board and leave other peoples issues where they belong, with them!!

I can start to really live my life and be the person I want to be. I truly believe that none of this would be possible for me without Adrian’s help. Thankyou.

Lisa, Actress in Manchester – Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


I visited Adrian Shortly after the breakup of my relationship which had left me with zero confidence and very low self esteem. I had suffered from this since i was a child but the recent relationship breakup magnified this a hundred fold. It got to a stage where i wouldn’t leave the house unless i had to and i couldn’t face people, unless i had to.

I was very sceptical at 1st with the whole concept of hypnotherapy and NLP but was quickly re-assured by Adrian in his trademark professional and friendly manner. The sessions helped me look at the real issues in my life as opposed to the ones that shout the loudest. We worked through all the major events in my life that moulded me into the person i was.

After just 6 sessions, i’ve been released from the shackles that have held me back in life, i now believe in myself and now realise that i can enjoy life as it should be. My self esteem and confidence has improved no end and my daily conduct reflects that.

Thanks Adrian.

Richard, IT Manager in Manchester, Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


My work in the media involves monthly creative meetings. I was finding these increasingly stressful and developed a kind of stage fright which was affecting my performance.

Adrian immediately identified the problem and after just one session, the improvement was remarkable. After a second session, not only was my anxiety over the meetings cured, but I was performing in them better than ever. And just three months after consulting Adrian I was promoted.

I have no doubt the promotion was earned largely because of my new confidence – and that is due to my hypnotherapy sessions with Adrian. The difference just two sessions have had on my professional life has been utterly incredible.

M, Writer in Manchester – Helped for Confidence at Work.


I decided to try Hypnotherapy and NLP because I wanted to do something to break the vicious circle I was in. I’d realised that I instinctively dealt with bad problems/situations in a very negative way. Previous bad relationships had knocked my confidence and I became very self blaming and was lacking trust my own decisions/choices.

I found it hard to trust people and always ended up thinking the worst and became increasingly paranoid. I wanted to gain a control of my reactions, be more self confident and generally just calm and peaceful!

I didn’t really know what to expect from the sessions, so I was naturally apprehensive at first, but they were very informal and relaxed. Adrian made me feel really at ease and clearly explained everything we were going to do in order for me to get the most benefit from the sessions.

I actually looked forward to the sessions!

Now the sessions are finished, I feel more relaxed and calm about things that are happening to me, including things that are out of my control. I genuinely feel like the past has been laid to rest – it is part of me but it doesn’t hold me back anymore. I feel more confident in myself and have remembered pointers/techniques that Adrian has taught me to help me remain like this for the future.

Lucie, Designer in Manchester – Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


I contacted Adrian Tannock because my lack of self esteem was getting out of hand and affecting my life in all levels. His work has helped me to realise that a lot can be achieved by changing our frame of mind. He has helped me to silence the self-contemptuous voice in my mind and to free myself from ghosts of the past through very effective techniques.

As the sessions went on I felt an immediate change in my approach to life and things around me started to change gradually as well. I feel as if some burdens were removed from my shoulders. Adrian has helped me to understand that a lot of pain that we have can be self inflicted, and it is up to us to put an end to the vicious circles that stop us from being happy.

I feel much more confident now both professionally and personally and judge myself as an individual who deserves happiness.

Emma, Translator in Manchester – Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


Adrian was recommended to me by a friend as I was feeling very depressed, completely lacked self esteem and had lost a lot of my confidence. I had a lot of personal issues to deal with and was becoming more and more paranoid that the whole world was against me.

I was very nervous at first and really didn’t know what I was meant to talk about, but Adrian made me feel very calm and relaxed. During the sessions I didn’t feel uncomfortable about talking about my problems and felt like I could tell him anything.

Now that the sessions have finished, I feel like a completely different person and am a lot more outgoing and very positive about the future. I’ve even booked a holiday on my own!

All I can say is I think you have saved my life! I feel so much better than I have done for years. Its really made a difference.

Sarah, Accountant in Manchester – Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


Hi Adrian…

I feel a lot better since the work I’ve done with you, and I think a lot of my friends have noticed the changes as well. I defiantly don’t worry anywhere near as much about what other people think of me. And when I do start to worry I just use the techniques you taught me.

I’m very impressed that the sessions have worked so well, I was slightly dubious to begin with but the changes have been pretty dramatic for me anyway.

So once again, thank you so much!!!

Sarah, Care Worker in Manchester – Helped for Confidence and Self-Esteem.


I came to see Adrian, after going through a period of uncertainty, which caused me to feel anxious, lack self-confidence and generally face the world in a negative fashion.

Adrian’s work with me involved going through exercises to deal with my negative feelings, lack of motivation and pessimism along with some mild trance hypnosis. Adrian really put me at ease and spent as much time on each session as necessary to achieve the goals which we had worked together to set.

In the short-term, I felt so much better immediately after each session and now a month or so after I have finished my sessions with Adrian, I can wake up each morning with a renewed confidence in myself and the world at large.

M, Barrister in London – Helped for Confidence and Motivation.


Insomnia Hypnotherapy:

After many months of sleepless nights I finally decided to try hypnotherapy. I looked on the web and found ‘Lasting change’, Adrian Tannock at Stress Solutions in Manchester.

After two sessions Adrian discovered deep rooted problems that had manifested themselves over the years in the form of insomnia.

Through a process of different levels of relaxation and trance, he worked on the issues causing my insomnia and through visualization I was able to place these memories and the effects of them in their rightful place, look at them with a different perspective.

I used to wake up night after night at 4 a.m. leaving me tired and struggling through each day. I found hypnotherapy a gentle but powerful treatment with immediate results which truly has given me lasting change.

Thank you Adrian.

Ruth, Mother of Two – Helped for Insomnia.


Anxiety Hypnotherapy:

Id been suffering anxiety for quite a while but never really had the guts to confront it, and after browsing the internet and looking at a few different websites i found that Adrian seemed to be the most appealing choice for me.

As soon as i sat down and started talking to Adrian at my first session i knew i had made the right choice, i felt extremely comfortable talking to him about my issues and i was very relaxed throughout.

I now feel a much more confident person, both in the areas of my life i was having problems with and even some i wasn’t! Thankyou!

Sarah, Student in Manchester – Helped for Anxiety.


I started working in quite a stressful environment, that at first i very much enjoyed. However over a period of 6 months and began to have panic attacks and feeling generally anxious constantly, worrying about having a panic attack. Both the panic attacks and anxiety increased so much that I it started to control my life, and would be the only thing that would be on my mind day in and day out. I didn’t want to socialize I was at my wits end. I was having attacks in the car on my way to work, on planes, in meetings etc.

Then, while surfing the net for cures or coping with panic attacks and anxiety, I found Adrian’s website. At first I was very nervous about going down this road, but Adrian made me feel instantly at ease. The hypnotherapy was a lot easier than I expected, and not at all what I expected. After 1 session I saw a vast improvement going from maybe 5-8 panic attacks per day, plus constantly feeling anxious, down to 1 panic attack per day. This also increased my confidence as I was no longer constantly anxious about the panic attacks. In total I had 5 sessions and since then I have not had a panic attack or felt anxious. I have felt like my old self. I am confident that this will continue into the future.

I am indebted to Adrian for his help with this, and could never imagine that it would have went this well, and would recommend him to anyone with a problem like mine.

Paul, Civil Servant in Manchester – Helped for Anxiety.


I guess I’d been experiencing Anxiety for quite a while, but hadn’t really associated the symptoms with the cause until perhaps the beginning of the year. The anxiety was controlling my work life considerably. As the anxiety seemed to make me hot and easily embarrassed I would go in to a meeting room before hand to check the temperature; checking for the chance to open a window. I’d also have a churning in my stomach the night before hand and very much so just before and during the meeting. I’d try to avoid questions and would answer with a little as possible.

Basically it was a vast difference to the person I used to be and I’d considered quitting my job to avoid those situations.

I’d looked in to hypnosis on the Internet and had downloaded a few audio tracks designed to help you overcome anxiety. Although they did help me calm down a little, the underlying cause was still there – so it just masked the situation. I also got used to what they were going to say and so the benefit was reduced each time.

After searching the Internet for a Manchester based hypnotherapist, I found the lastingchange.co.uk website. It not only looked professional, but these sorts of testimonials were a big plus for me. It gave me the confidence in the abilities I was about to pay for.

Adrian has a very relaxed, welcoming way about him, meaning that my initial nerves (perhaps worsened due to the anxiety) were quickly quashed. Even though I had found benefit to the audio files I’d downloaded I was still skeptical that it would work, but I had to make sure that I remained positive and mentally open. Adrian’s confidence in his abilities helped me remain in that state.

You certainly got value for money as the sessions were long and in-depth, allowing for a faster overall process. He was confident that my issues would be resolved with a lot less sessions than I was expecting. This made a lot of difference to my outlook.

The anxiety has all but gone – apart from the natural anxiety before a critical budgetary meeting, or an interview. I asked whether the last session could help out with my confidence, as a year or so dealing with anxiety and your confidence is nonexistent.

The sleepless nights and pre-meeting worries have gone. I am much more confident in my approach to meetings and general work colleagues. My confidence will continue to improve as I lose the doubt of the anxiety feeling coming back – which won’t after the treatment, of course!

I am completely grateful to Adrian in helping me to conquer something which was plaguing my life.

Matt, IT Manager in Manchester – Helped for Generalised Anxiety Disorder.


I was recommended to try hypnotherapy to help my nerves and fear of failure before an important exam. Every time I thought about the exam I felt physically sick and certain that it would be a disaster.

I was a little skeptical and nervous at first, but Adrian was extremely friendly and reassuring, and I very quickly felt confident that his initial questions were helping me to get to the root of my problem.

The hypnotherapy process was much more enjoyable than I had imagined. My initial nerves completely disappeared, and I was left feeling thoroughly relaxed. I was very aware of everything that Adrian was saying, and I could feel an extremely positive response to his words straight away. A second session helped to consolidate the first.

The results were immediate: the sickening symptoms of worry had gone, which enabled me to think more rationally about my exam, and to prepare for it properly. On the day, although a little nervous, I felt able to cope and to succeed. The difference couldn’t have been greater from the day of my mock exam, prior to seeing Adrian, when I had been a complete nervous wreck.

I am really grateful to Adrian and to the person who recommended that I see him. I genuinely recommend it to anyone.

Joanne, Lecturer in Manchester – Helped for Exam Nerves.


I decided to try hypnotherapy to help me with my fear of public speaking after curbing it as best I could and any opportunity my whole life. Being a student and in my final year I knew I could either try to resolve this problem at the roots or carry on avoiding presentations and such and jeopardise my grades.

I only needed two sessions with Adrian and feel it has had a positive effect on my life, not just with public speaking, but on other aspects as well. I’m an altogether more confident and optimistic person in general and would recommend Adrian to anyone. Thanks again!!

Nicole, Student in Manchester – Helped for a Fear of Public Speaking. 


I decided to use Adrians nlp/hypnotherapy service as I was interested in how I could influence my subconscious to improve my life. Being a confident person, I found it rather frustrating getting nervous about some presentations I had to do at work.

I found the sessions to be really helpful, and only required 2 appointments! During the 2nd session I couldn’t believe how deeply I had gone into hypnosis. It became very clear what I had to do following the session.

I would recommend adrian to anyone who wants a fast and effective improvement to any problem.

Jack, Manchester – Helped for a Fear of Public Speaking.


I was having a problems with public speaking and after failing two promotional interviews with presentations involved felt that I would be unable to go for another or an alternative job interview.

It was also affecting my day to day living, normal everyday things seemed to cause my adrenaline levels to set me off. Being a naturally confident type of person I felt I had to do something about it.

I was very nervous when I went for my first meeting but I’m so glad I did Adrian very quickly put me at ease he was very easy to talk to and helped me work through my issues.

Shortly after my last session I had an event I had to speak at which went really well which was something I could not contemplate doing previously. Meetings are no longer a problem either or anything else that would normally affect me and overall I feel calmer and back to my old self.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adrian to anyone considering getting help even if you have to do what I did and get someone to book your first session for you.

Louise, Office Worker in Manchester – Helped for a Fear of Public Speaking.


Emotional Anguish:

I contacted Adrian because I was becoming increasing depressed and angry following the breakdown of a relationship. I was extremely volatile and my behaviour was becoming erratic, bordering on the bizarre – aggressive and violent text messages, drinking and using illicit drugs.

Although I was concerned about breaking down totally in front of a complete stranger, on meeting Adrian I was instantly put at ease, and we were chatting like old friends within 2 minutes.

Adrian was extremely sympathetic, he realised that I had deep-rooted issues stemming from the matter in question. Being hypnotised was nothing like I imagined, I was basing the process on what I have seen on TV. It was a sense of relaxation and well-being, a warm sensation, foetal is perhaps the most apt description I could apply.

I had two sessions with Adrian, lasting approximately 3.5 hours, and felt a different person on leaving the practice. I have since started a new job and also a new relationship and I no longer have the destructive urges that were pushing me towards the abyss.

Cheers Adrian. Take care.

Mark, Accountant in Manchester – Helped for obsessive & destructive thoughts.


Hi Adrian,

Life has changed a lot for me since visiting yourself.

As you were aware I suffered with possible OCD and had many issues from the past which I needed to deal with. On my first visit you made me feel relaxed and normal and within minutes we were chatting like we had known each other an age. The NLP combined with the Hypnosis worked immediately and after being given my homework (nothing major) I began to see positive changes instantly.

Admittedly I had quite a few ghosts to deal with and as expected and advised by yourself I did experience some periods emotional unease as my thought processes began to change, but as you explained that the dust will settle soon after the sessions, this has proven true and I am in a far, far better position in life, much happier with a greater understanding of myself.

Many thanks my friend for all your help, the kindness you handled my situation with and the relaxed and often light hearted and humorous way you carried out the whole healing process.

Take Care,


Ben, MD in Manchester – Helped for obsessive & anxious/disturbing thoughts.


Motivation Hypnotherapy:

Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to write to thank you so very much for everything you’ve helped me to achieve in such a short space of time.

When I first came to you, I had a long list of ‘issues’ I needed to sort out, including: poor memory, poor communication skills at home, poor organisational skills at work, and moments when I’d ‘lose my cool’ through stress.

As you know, if these issues weren’t corrected, I was at risk of losing my job, my family, and potentially my sanity!

Within one session you’d somehow instilled a sense of calm within me, without interfering with my natural exuberance. You’d created an anchor to help me remain ‘cool & calm’ when the need arose, and helped me to de-stress, enabling me to focus on the positive changes to come.

By the last session, my memory, communication skills, organisational skills, my stress levels, and ability to remain ‘cool & calm’ had improved so significantly, that I became far more relaxed at home and work. My relationships at home with my wife and children had improved unbelievably, and at work a respected senior manager commented on how deeply disappointed he was to be losing me to another organisation! I would never have believed it possible!

I surprise myself daily with how I’ve changed for the better, and it’s all thanks to you and the wonderful gift you have.

Adrian, I couldn’t possibly recommend you highly enough… as it is everyone I know thinks I’m on commission!

Many, many thanks again for all your help and practical advice.

Kindest regards,

Matty, Police Office in Manchester – Helped for Stress, Organisation, Memory and Communication skills.


After a few personal set backs my confidence and any motivation I had gradually faded away. I ended up only leaving the house when i had to. I was getting tongue-tied talking to people at work or even people I had known for years and the embarrassment just added to my situation. I’d procrastinate all the time, which also didn’t help matters.

I wanted to improve my life and get back on track but just felt stuck in a rut that I couldn’t get out of and it was really getting me down. I really wanted to change but felt that I couldn’t. I had tried a self-hypnosis cd, but found that a “one size fits all” solution wasn’t going to work for me. I just ended up either nodding off or just getting frustrated with it.

I had seen Adrian’s site a while ago but kept putting it off until I finally made the effort contact him, and I’m glad I did.

After an initial consultation we went through what my problems were, and Adrian explained how we could change these behaviour patterns I was in with NLP and hypnosis. He was understanding, friendly and easy to chat to, which helps when you are lacking confidence.

Going for my first session I have to admit I was skeptical because of my previous at home experience, but went with an open mind, as I wanted help. I found myself coming out of that session understanding more about myself and experienced some unusual but not unpleasant sensations, just different. I was amazed by the simple exercises and how effective they were. I went home motivated.

My second session was also enjoyable and I realised hypnosis isn’t what I expected, I was relaxed but totally aware of what Adrian was saying and I was aware of what my body was doing, again unusual but pleasant. I left that session with my head up and walked through Manchester feeling great, before I would of wandered along looking at the ground.

After the first two sessions I had changed and it made me feel happier with myself. I now had the confidence and motivation to mix with people and to get things done without putting them off. My third session was a session to reinforce the previous ones and set me in my new behaviour pattern. When it came to the hypnosis part of the session I found when I closed my eyes and the background music was switched on I felt incredibly relaxed almost instantly. Then I was taken into a deeper trance which was another pleasant experience.

I found all the sessions enjoyable even though I was nervous at first and didn’t know what to expect during them or what I’d get out of them. I now feel I have my life back without restricting behaviour and can enjoy it and haven’t looked back since my sessions.

Thank you Adrian for your time and help, it is very much appreciated. I’d certainly recommend you to anyone looking for help through hypnotherapy or NLP.

Simon, in Manchester – Helped for confidence and motivation.


I went to see Adrian because my confidence was low and I felt I was not fulfilling my potential. I had great plans for my time at university but seemed to lack the momentum to fulfil my ambitions.

After the first session I immediately felt a change in the way I approached situations, By the end of the course I had gained the motivation and drive I had been lacking and went on to put together a very successful exhibition of my art work in a prominent city centre location, something I had wanted to do for a while but lacked the confidence to do so.

I would thoroughly recommend Adrian to anyone who feels they are not reaching their potential in any area of their lives. The whole experience was informal and enjoyable.

Lauren, Student in Manchester – Helped for confidence and motivation.


I first decided to contact Adrian after hearing about how useful hypnotherapy could be. I was at a stage where my life felt directionless. I wasn’t achieving what I knew I was capable of.

I picked Adrian’s service based on his website; it seemed that he took a more realistic and down-to-earth approach (and less ‘new age’) and was serious about providing a real value for money service.

During the first session we talked about what wanted to achieve and I experienced my first trance. I remained fully conscious and lucid throughout and felt like I was in control. Throughout the following week I noticed a subtle but definite influence.

In subsequent sessions I was taken deeper under hypnosis, which produced profound results. The way that I can best describe these trances would be sometimes a feeling that my mind was wandering, as if I was just drifting off to sleep, and at other times a feeling that, I was fully aware and focussed upon the words that were being spoken to me.

The changes I experienced were dramatic and the following day I would wake up feeling like a changed person. After a very small number of sessions I felt that everything that I had wanted for had been achieved. I also finished off by doing a (successful) no-smoking session.

Several months down the line now and the changes have indeed been lasting; my career is firmly on track and I feel satisfied with and in control of my life. I’m absolutely confident in the worth and durability of what has been achieved, because rather than directly fixing my problems for me, hypnotherapy has equipped, empowered and enabled me to deal with issues for myself; a much more satisfying and lasting solution.

Life before I went to see Adrian now feels like a completely different (and closed) chapter. All of this has been achieved this in a quick, easy and painless way, without the use of drugs or the unnecessary arousal of painful memories or past problems.

Thank you Adrian.

TF, Cabinet Maker in Manchester, helped for Confidence and Motivation.


Bad Habits Hypnotherapy:

I have suffered with Trichotillomania [hair pulling] for 10 years. Over the last 5 years my Trich took over my life and ripped my self esteem to ruins.

I finally decided to try Hypnotherapy and NLP – despite my own reservations, and the reservations of those people close to me.

When I first met Adrian I didn’t know what to expect in the session and was anxious, but within minutes I was at ease and talking openly about my problem. 2 sessions later I was completely cured!

I still have moments of disbelief when I realise that the urges to pull are gone. I still feel stressed and have bad days, but somehow I manage to deal with it in a way that doesn’t involve hurting myself. I cannot thank Adrian enough for helping me get here.

I would tell anybody who is having reservations about Hypnotherapy and NLP to just do it – you will not be disappointed!

Emma, Executive PA – Helped for hair pulling (Trichotillomania).

TF, Cabinet Maker in Manchester, helped for Confidence and Motivation.


Hi Adrian

Since I saw you i’m not biting my nails which is a nice change, and I definitely don’t have that nagging voice in my head anymore – so you were able to get rid of that for me – which I’m thankful for.

I hope things with you are well and I must admit, the sessions were enjoyable and therapeutic.

M, Exchange Student in Manchester – Helped for nail biting and negative thoughts.


Hi Adrian

Just wanted to say thank you! The session we had re my OCD has worked!! Everything hanging out the drawers and the door at any angle I care to put it!!!

Jo, Company Director in Edinburgh – Helped for mild OCD.


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy:

For over 25 years I have been fighting with my weight and I really mean fighting! Not one slimming product or diet had escaped me. Sometimes I lost weight but I always put more back on. When recent photographs were developed I was so shocked at this familiar looking woman staring back at me from the pictures, it was myself at almost a size 18!

Adrian spent about two hours with me, talking to me, explaining how the mind works, giving me some mental exercises, asking me to do some visualisation work.

I started to loose weight the very same day I am sure! and have continued to do so slowly at first, but now its just dropped off me!

Yesterday I purchased a size 14 swimming costume and it’s a little loose, I have just arranged to have my trousers taken in by two inches! I have lost almost 18lbs since my two sessions with Adrian.

I cannot believe that I have not turned to food for comfort.

I tell every one I am cured!

Jane, Senior Manager in Manchester – Completed the Weight Loss Programme.


I sought Adrian’s help as I had tried loads of diets that only worked whilst I was on them and then I would put it all back. I had three different size clothes in my wardrobe and very little to wear. I had been told at a recent health check that I needed to do something, which only made me more fed up with my ballooning weight. Although I needed to lose weight, during the last year I couldn’t find the motivation to try yet another one.

Adrian puts you at ease and spends a lot of time personalising the session to you. Although initially nervous about being hypnotised I found it to be deeply relaxing. The visualisation is a bit of an eye-opener, I was actually able to laugh at the many excuses that I had come up with over the years to excuse myself from over indulging, including rewarding myself with food!

I just cannot believe how stress free I am now around food. I have a family, which means you cannot restrict everything in your cupboards and I don’t – I take it or leave it now. From the first session my behaviour changed straight away. I only eat what I really enjoy and this couch potato has finally got off her butt and actually wants to exercise, even if it’s just a walk to the station.

I have lost nearly two dress sizes – thanks Adrian.

Krysia, PA in Manchester – Completed the Weight Loss Programme.


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy:


Thanks for the message and I am now a happy nonsmoker since last seeing you. I am now at the point where I don’t have any desires to smoke and watching others just makes me annoyed with myself for not quitting sooner.

It feels like I’ve had a huge leach removed and with it a substantial amount of anxiety over my health.

I look at it that fags are for losers and I’m not a loser so there’s no way ‘ll be smoking those death tubes again.

Marc, Bank Manager – Helped for Smoking.


Having used Adrian’s services to help quit smoking, I found him to be professional and thorough within his work. Through his techniques used I found it was easier than expected to give up smoking.

The results proved to be positive as I have now been a nonsmoker for a few months.

Jacqui, Student in Manchester – Helped for Smoking.


I have had a two hour session with Adrian on the 9th of April and haven’t smoked since then. I wasn’t very motivated as I used to be a happy smoker but smoking is a thing of the past now without any craving or weight gain.

It is worth giving it a go.

Jaques, Office Worker in Manchester – Helped for Smoking.


I began smoking at the age of sixteen, and after five years was smoking at least twenty a day, sometimes more than double that. Having heard of a friend getting successful hypnotherapy I thought it would be worth a try, even though I remained skeptical and in fact didn’t even really want to give up that much.

Having arranged a session with Adrian at Lasting Change I went for for my first session expecting to return many times. However, after maybe slightly over an hour I left the clinic, and have never smoked since.

Giving up after the hypnotherapy was easy, with no cravings whatsoever, and now after two months I feel confident that I can say that I will never smoke again.

I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of giving up.

John, Student in Manchester – Helped for Smoking.


I decided to go to Lasting Change because I had had enough of being trapped in the smoking cycle and wanted to quit for good.

The sessions were excellent – relaxing, insightful and well instructed. Adrian made me feel very comfortable and this helped me to be receptive to the therapy.

I was amazed that I felt no withdrawal symptoms and each day since as a smoke free person has felt like a personal achievement.

Thank you,

Michelle, Musician in Manchester, Helped for Smoking.

Why work with me?

People choose to work with me because I have an excellent grasp of hypnotherapy and NLP.

Whether you need help with anxiety, confidence, weight loss, smoking, or something else – there is a good chance I can help. I have an expert understanding of people’s difficulties and use techniques that genuinely make a difference.

Like most therapists, I am passionate about helping people. However, I’m also friendly, down to earth, and ‘normal for a therapist’! I’ve worked with people for many years, and I’m used to putting my clients at ease.

I like to keep the sessions relaxed, interesting and – where possible – enjoyable. I rarely get cancellations; people usually end therapy feeling happy to have got what they came for.

Since 2005 I have helped many people in Manchester overcome their problems and do more with their lives. What could be more important?

FREE 60 Minute Consultation

You can discuss your problem in a safe, non-judgemental place and in total confidence. I’ll ask some simple questions to understand what is going on, how it started, and how it is holding you back.

I’ll then explain the techniques I use and how they help. There is no fee or obligation for this – you’re welcome to have a think about it afterward. It is just your chance to find out how you can move on in life.

All consultations are conducted in my private Manchester city centre office.

To call in for a chat all you need to do is get in touch.

Send Me a Quick Enquiry

Contacting a therapist can seem daunting, but you’ve done the hard part by reading this page. Whatever you’re struggling with, you’ve already taken the first step.

Use the form on this page to send me a quick message – there is no obligation to you, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also call on 07790 506375.