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When we struggle with low self-confidence, life can feel difficult. We become ‘stuck in a rut’ and hesitant, constantly comparing ourselves to others or missing out on life’s opportunities. Everything becomes daunting.

Even if you’ve been confident in the past, it can deteriorate as we get older. Confidence is a mindset – and like any mindset, it can be strengthened or lost.

I have an expert understanding of confidence, and I’ve helped hundreds of people in Manchester realise their potential and live happy lives. Read on to find out how I can help.

What is confidence?

How would you define confidence?

For many, confidence means feeling comfortable in their own skin. For others, it means standing out from the crowd and earning respect. Some people equate confidence with trusting their ability and feeling in control.

In fact, confidence combines each of these factors. With confidence, we feel happier, relaxed, and unafraid of life’s challenges. With the right techniques, you can learn to feel confident in yourself.

The alternative is to miss out on life. And that makes no sense at all.

How does low confidence affect you?

Many people in Manchester have problems with confidence. Some struggle in just one area, whereas others have difficulties ‘across the board’. Do you recognise any of the following?

  • Social situations. Low confidence makes us ‘go into our shell’ in social situations. Whether in work, with family and friends, or just new situations, a lack of confidence can leave us feeling hesitant and afraid.
  • Judgement and failure. Certain tasks, particularly involving judgement, can reduce our confidence to zero. This causes anticipatory anxiety, procrastination, and untold distress. We cope by avoiding difficult tasks or situations, which then exacerbates the problem, making things worse.
  • Overthinking. Negative thoughts sometimes just pop into our minds. We may dread some future event, beat ourselves up, or regret some long-passed memory. Either way, our confidence deteriorates from within.
  • Procrastination. Low confidence causes doubt, so we often put things off until the last minute. After a while this infectious habit takes over, making it difficult to realise our potential.
  • Jealousy and insecurity. In relationships, with friends & family, colleagues, and even strangers, we can find ourselves jealous, insecure, and resentful of others. Aware of how toxic this is, we then beat ourselves up even more.
  • Pessimistic thinking. Have you ever thought ‘that’s just typical of my luck’? Pessimistic thinking – the idea that things will not work because it’s you – is a classic sign of low confidence.
  • Fooling Others. Sometimes, we manage to fool people into believing we’re confident, despite how we feel on the inside. Our impression of confidence gets us by, but deep down we’re plagued by negative thoughts and feelings. Our ‘confidence’ is just a sham …

However you define it, confidence – or a lack of it – affects how we think, how we feel, how we act, and even how our bodies behave. It has an impact on everything we do.

Whether you lose confidence in specific situations, or if it is just rock-bottom generally, there is a good chance I can help. Contact me to find out more.

Confidence and Anxiety

People with low-confidence often experience anxiety. They fear the negative emotions of ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘not being good enough’ – especially in front of others.

This leads to avoidance behaviour, blushing, ‘shying away’ from difficulties and more. If you recognise any of these symptoms then the anxiety page might also provide some usful information.

How to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence improves with healthy self-esteem, solid self-belief, and an optimistic outlook on life. We then feel more relaxed, self-reliant, and positive about the future. Confidence frees us from fear and limitation. It allows us to be true to ourselves.

“Working with Adrian was easy, his calming manner put me at ease very quickly. After every session I could feel the benefits of our discussions and the hypnotherapy. Since working with Adrian my entire out look on life has changed, I’m more confident and outgoing. I feel that I can finally leave the past and my problems behind me and look to the future with great excitement rather than thinking everyday will be full of dread. I feel that I’ve got ‘myself’ back after so long and it’s wonderful!

 – Gemma, Teacher in Manchester

Think about this now – if you had more confidence, who would you choose to be?

My skill as a therapist lies with understanding the best techniques for you. If you’re generally at ease with people, but doubt your abilities in work, it makes sense to focus on that area. A thorough approach to boosting a person’s confidence might involve:

  • Identifying the triggers for low confidence: does it happen at certain times or are you struggling in many areas of your life?
  • Identifying the thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviours that are lowering your confidence – and helping you to change them.
  • Dealing with any past events or issues, especially from childhood, which could be lowering your confidence in adulthood.
  • Learning how to think and feel more confidently in challenging situations.

Confidence only improves when you use the right techniques for you – a ‘one size fits all’ approach rarely works. Hypnotherapy, when applied skilfully, really does make a difference.

Why work with me?

People choose to work with me because I specialise in confidence matters.

Whether it’s confidence in work, confidence around other people, or the confidence to do something new and different – there is a good chance I can help. My book (The Confidence Workbook on has excellent reviews. I use techniques that genuinely change lives.

I like to keep the sessions relaxed, interesting and – where possible – enjoyable. I strive to be friendly, down to earth, and ‘normal’! Having worked with people for many years, I’m used to putting my clients at ease.

Since 2005 I have helped many people in Manchester dramatically improve their confidence and do more with their lives. What could be more important?

If you would like to find out more, all you need to do is arrange a consultation.

FREE 60 Minute Consultation

You can discuss your circumstances in a safe, non-judgemental place and in total confidence. I’ll ask some simple questions to understand what is going on, how it started, and how it is holding you back.

I’ll then explain the techniques I use and how they help. There is no fee or obligation for this – you’re welcome to have a think about it afterward. It is just your chance to find out how you can improve your confidence and move on in life.

All consultations are conducted in my private Manchester city centre office.

To call in for a chat all you need to do is get in touch.

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